martedì 7 dicembre 2021

Stamp & Cut


Hi everyone,                                                                                                                                            

the "Stamp & Cut" Technique gives me each time the opportunity of thinking, increasing my creativity and obtaining something different. Here below I want to show you the result I had using two stamps plates of Chocolate Baroque "The Christmas Garden"and "The Folk Art Garden that I stamped with Archival Jet Black and colored with watercolors. The background of the tags are dabbed or stenciled with Distress Ink Pad

Have a go and have fun with "Stamp & Cut",  hugs


sabato 20 novembre 2021

Xmas Cards and Tag



as promised I post you the other Xmas cards and tag I prepared and hope you will like them.  For these projects I used the following stamps:   New England WinterReindeer LandscapeWinter Edges and Let get Festive . The colors for the backgrounds are Archival Jet BlackDistress Ink Pad for stamping and wash and watercolor for coloring the Winter Edges Tag.

I wish you all a happy Xmas crafting time, hugs


domenica 7 novembre 2021

Xmas Tags and Cards

 Hi everyone

I am using to prepare my Xmas tags and cards during this month and I want to share with you what I have done till today.  I will show you the one I will do next week in the second post of this month, so you can have more inspirations for your projects.

I used  Archival Jet black, water color, Distress Ink Pad,  for stamping the lovely rubber stamps A Heart full of Love,  Frosty Trees, Fat Robin and Let get Festive 


Thanks for passing by, hugs


domenica 17 ottobre 2021

Time to bloom again

 Welcome back to my second post of October

I think after a dark period each of us in our own way want to bloom again like a water lily. This is why I create this Journaling page and a Card.

I used the lovely Serenity and Birthday Words plate stamps of Chocolate Baroque, stencil, Distress Ink Pad, Archival Jet Black and watercolor pencils

Serenity has so many nice stamps in the same plate. 

Thanks for reading my post and don't miss the appointment of next month. Hugs 


giovedì 7 ottobre 2021

Dancing Leaves



I want to share with you the result of the inspiration I had reading                            Simona Arian Cordara Nobilio's Poem and I list the items I used for this.             journaling page.

Autumn colors of Distress Ink PadRanger Archival Jet Black and Carnation.                     the stamps are:  Twilight ZonePut a spell on you,  Sunny Sunflower,                           and Simona's poem I stamped  with her permission.

Continuing Halloween Theme, here some bookmarks and some ATC using the same stamps.

Thanks for passing by today and  I wish you a funny Halloween eve. Hugs

martedì 14 settembre 2021

2+2+2 = 4



are you asking yourself what 2+2+2 = 4 means ?  Well here is the answer, it isn't an  error but the use of  two colors Blue and Yellow, two stencils and two stamps                            Butterfly Flourish Swirls and Doodle Landscape for the result of 4 cards. 

I used the two colors both for coloring the background and for stenciling,  stamped the       flowers of Doodle Landscape with Archival Ink Jet Black  and the "Hello" sentiment of         Butterfly Flourish Swirls. 

My cards are now ready for the Post Office and I  hope you liked them.
Thanks for passing by, hugs


domenica 5 settembre 2021

Mashroom Rapsodie

 Mushroom Rapsodie 


Mushroom Rapsodie is a composition of tags for which I used Autumn Poppy. This plate offers a lots of mushrooms and I had fun in using them all.  From Mushroom House  plate I stamped only two sentiments. Here below I write down what I needed and how I done it.

3 Tags 15 x 8 cm, one each in black, kraft and manila

2 Tags   8 x 4 cm, one each in kraft and manila

Distress Ink Pad  for stamping in brown, black, white

Charcoal for coloring in sepia,  black and white

I have revealed to you today one of my ways of operating and I hope this could be useful to you, hugs.    Magda                                                                                  

mercoledì 18 agosto 2021

Tag and Cards


 Hello everyone,

I am here this time with a tag and two cards for you.

-  The "Thank you Tag" has a pale violet stenciled background accordingly to the vibrant violet of the flowers of "Wild Meadow"and in contrast to the green of the stems.   I colored the tag with Distress Ink Pad Old Paper and stamped on it the flowers with  Markers. In "Amazing Mackintosh Words" I have found the right sentiment for this tag, 

- I wanted to give an old look to the "For my Friend " card. Therefore I stenciled at first the background, glued a tissue paper on it and covered all with white gesso.  Separately I prepared the mat, I stamped with Archival Jet Black "Orchid", blended randomly only on the script Distress Inkpad Old Paper and colored the flower with watercolors pencils. I cut the mat as a decoupage and glued it on the card. You can find the sentiment in the plate " Words to Dazzle and Sparkle "

- The "Birthday Wishes " card is another version of the one of last month, using this time a green, ochre and blue Brusho wash. I stamped in grey "Gothic Fragments" and in Archival Jet Black "Curiosities". The sentiment Best Wishes is one of "Amazing Mackintosh Words" and stamped on a leftover of the mat.

I hope you liked my projects of today and wish you a nice rest of August.  Hugs                                   Magda 

giovedì 5 agosto 2021

Peacock Symbols


Hello and welcome to my first post of August.                                                                                            The journaling page of today will be a tribute to the peacock and all its symbols.

On the colorful acrylic painted background, I stamped with Archival Jet Black both peacocks of "Tangled Peacock", while the third stamp is one of "Fabulous Flappers"    that I stamped on second generation with Distress Ink Pad and slightly wipped with         a tissue paper.  I colored some white embossing paste with yellow Distress Ink Pad.    and some with orange and stenciled randomly on the page.  I have chosen for the sentiments two quotes of "The Folk Art Garden" and completed the page with spots       of Stickles.

Thanks for passing by, hugs                                                                                                                        Magda

venerdì 30 luglio 2021

Cards and Tag

 Hello and welcome

I am back with my second post of this month and want to share with you 2 Cards and a Tag.

Journaling Card :

The background of this card is done with a piece of tissue wrap, on which I put some tape and removed them after I blended Distress Ink Pad in different colors. I stamped the flowers of "Punky Romance"with Archival Jet Black and colored only the main flower with Distress Ink Pad

H B  Card :

This is a masculine Happy Birthday card. At first I dabbed gently a yellow Distress Ink Pad colour, then I stamped in green a window of Gothic Fragments and the bike  of "Curiosity" with Archival Jet Black in several generations.  H B are the first letters of Happy Birthday sentiment of the plate Words to Dazzle & Sparkle 

Boat Tag :

For this decoupage I use the same technique of my previous post.  I soaked for some minutes a dry leaf of my Magnolia tree, stamped on it with Archival Jet Black  stamps of Seashell Collage , cut the contour considering also the negative spaces. I stenciled waves with different blue shades of Distress Ink Pad on the blue tag and glued my composition on it using a double sided adhesive tape. 

Thanks for reading my long post and I am happy to see you next month again, hugs


lunedì 5 luglio 2021



Monday, 5 July 2021


The blue of the sea is all inside my post of today.  In the depth you can find "Mermaid Queen" , the corals and the fish of "Something Fishy". On the surface you can find the sea-gulls, the sentiment the boat and and ship rudder of "Seashell Collage". I coloured the background as well as the decoupages with Distress Ink Pad.  The ship rudder is the result of a try. I soaked in water a dry leaf, stamped on it with Archival Jet Black and cut it out.

I hope I inspired you with my page, thanks for passing by, hugs

martedì 8 giugno 2021

Limited Edition

 Good Morning,

I would like to show you how I thought to store my new ATC cards.    Step by step:

1. Cut a piece of white cardstock 18,2 x 13,5 cm and score vertically at 1,8 cm and again at 8,2 cm; horizontally at 2 cm and cut one edge corner as shown, this is the outside of the folder                                    


2. Blend brown and green Distress Ink Pad, on the outside of the folder and stamp with green Versafine the flowers of Woodland Design a Tree and fold the scored lines

3. Cut 4 small supports 1,5 cm x 2 cm, score at 0,5 cm; fold and glue them on the inside of the folder 

4. I used for the ATCs the following items : white cardstock,  Distress Ink Pad, Stencils, Embossing Paste, White Pen,  the stamps of Chocolate Baroque Woodland Design a TreeOrchard Design a Tree, Mail Art

5. Store the ATCs, close the flap and bind with a nice ribbon.

I hope you liked my post today and thanks for passing by, Hugs

sabato 15 maggio 2021

Monoprint Cover

Hello again,

I don't really like the white cover of my new note book, so I decided to personalize it making it colorful and funnier.

I considered the cover as if it were a simple sheet to use on a monoprint plate with different stencils and colors.  I used the same Distress Ink Pad colors and the same stencils  for the two toppers. On one I stamped with Archival Ink Jet black only the sentiment of Bridge House, on the other also a portion of the Italian House.  The tiny decoupage flower is a cropped part of  Floral Edges another so precise and detailed stamp of Chocolate Baroque

I hope you liked this transformation and I thank you for reading my post today.

Hugs,    Magda  

mercoledì 5 maggio 2021

Close your Eyes

 Hello all,

Who hasn't dreamt of places visited in the past and hasn't thought of returning  as soon as it will be possible again ?  I closed my eyes for a while before jumping into my inspiration of using the beautiful Turret House stamp of Chocolate Baroque. For the colored background I blended different Distress Ink Pad colors, and dabbed a darker color on a  stencil, stamped with  Archival Ink Jet Black the house and the sentiment of Turret House and applied some glitter glue to lighten up a bit.

Thanks for your visit and have a lovely May, hugs


lunedì 19 aprile 2021

Spring Time


 Hello everyone and nice to see you here again.

My page of today has a lots of layers and items :

I used several Distress Ink Pad colors, watercolors pencils, acrylic colors, white gesso, stencils, baby wipe, archival ink for stamping the Clock of "Curiosities",  Spring of "March Fairy", and Time of "Steampunkery". 

Thank you for passing by, hugs