domenica 18 settembre 2022

Journaling and Tag

  Welcome back,  today I share with you my outcomes using the "Edges" stamps of Chocolate Baroque. As you can notice, with Floral Edges I realized the decoupage pieces for my Journaling page and with Autumn Edges the tag. I list here below all the materials I made use for these projects :  The stamps are Floral Edges, Essence of NatureAutumn Edges and Words to Dazzle & Sparkle.  The colours are Distress Ink Pad,  Archival Jet Black, color pencils, in addition perfect pearls, stencil and fabric roses.

I hope you enjoyed my projects, hugs 


mercoledì 7 settembre 2022

Tomte for Christmas

  Hello,   Lesley and Judith are an aspiring delight and   I share with you these 3 first Christmas ideas using  A Tomte Christmas and Shaded Baubles .  This time  I have used few items  Distress Ink PadArchival Jet Black, Stencil and color pencils. 

Tomte are always cute to play with, have fun too and thanks for passing by, hugs


sabato 20 agosto 2022

Hot Days

  Hi,  A new Journaling page with a yellow Sunflower of Tangled Garden is waiting for you in those hot days.   I blended several Distress In Pad for the backgrounded and stenciled randomly with a matching  darker color. The decoupage of leaves and the flowers are also colored in contrast with Distress Ink Pad.   The sentiment of Words to Dazzle and Sparkle is stamped directly on the page with Archival Jet Black 

I want to end this month with a fresh Scrumptious Succulents Tag, I used: Archival Jet Black   watercolor, and orange ink pen

Thank you for passing by, hugs


domenica 7 agosto 2022

Ink pens

  Hello,  I share with you today the result of using colored ink pens on Chocolate Baroque stamps. 

Card :  At first I stamped with Archival Jet Black in third generation Scrumptious Succulents and above a stamp of Wild Meadow. I used a green ink pen for coloring the succulents and marked with more strokes the "branches" of the stamped top down grass. I connected the small wisp and the succulents by strokes with a brown ink pen . On this trunk I stamped the little butterfly, that you can find in Patchwork Butterfly plate. The red spots on it and on the sentiments of Words to Dazzle & Sparkle are done with red ink pen. 

This Birthday Card has the same color for stamping and hatching Blossom and Grow stamp

I hope you liked this combination of colors, hugs

lunedì 18 luglio 2022

Katya in Steampunk Mood

  Hello everyone,

What do you think of this Katya floating on the bottom of the sea ?

For this page I used Distress Ink Pad,  Archival Jet Black and two beautiful plates of Chocolate Baroque Katya and Steampunk Sea World.

I hope you will accept this variation and I thank you for passing by, hugs


giovedì 7 luglio 2022

Three projects


I am glad to share with you three projects made with Butterfly Poppy Collage

For this Birthday Card I used Distress Ink Pad Brushed Corduroy,  Forest Moos and Seedless Preserves. On the blended mat, using a mask made previously,  I stamped the geometric part in green and the flowers in red and also some flowers  stamped randomly in second generation. You can find the sentiment in the plate Words to Dazzle & Sparkle 

Butterfly Card:  This time I used a craft card and  applied the wet on wet technique using Distress Paint Abandoned Coral,  Mermaid Lagoon, white acrylic and scratched immediately with a spatula  As soon as the acrylic paint was dried I brushed quickly a very watery diluted Twisted Citron wash  When the card was nicely dry I stamped the script and the butterfly with Archival Jet Black 
I highlighted some letters and the contour of the butterfly with a white pen 

Happy accident Tag :    I pushed too hard and at the same time I rotated the foam blender while I was placing the first color. I liked this outcome and did the same with the other colors too.  Then I stamped with Archival Jet Black the butterflies and covered the background with white acrylic, leaving the butterflies popping out. 

I hope you liked my projects today and thanks for reading this long post, hugs

lunedì 20 giugno 2022

Let us dance

 Good Morning, 

The idea that summer offers us long evenings led me to create this page. What could be nicer than to wear a light, flowing dress for dancing till late? I used for this page: Butterfly DressWords to Dazzle and Sparkle, Distresss Crayons, stencil, baby whipe, Archival and watercolor pencils.

Summer hugs to you all,  Magda

giovedì 9 giugno 2022

Not only Ink Pad


I share with you today the result of my curiosity and consequently my attempt. After I draw a sunflower with charcaol, I had the idea to see how this medium would react  stamping with it instead of using an  Ink Pad.  Well, I am  satisfied and here below I post the outcome of my "strange idea" 

I rubbed the willow spindle on the stamps Pretty Poppies and Birthday Words and stamped. I used  charcoal pencil for coloring the poppy and scribbled in the background. 

Thank you for passing by and have a go if you had loved this idea, hugs

giovedì 19 maggio 2022



Welcome back,

I am sharing with you my second project for May.  This page has several layers of blended colors in the background, on which I stenciled with water and Distress Ink Pad. The glued mat is stamped with Archival Jet Black and I colored all the images with watercolours. You can find all the images in the same plate " Garden House".

Thanks for passing by, hugs


domenica 8 maggio 2022

Just Kraft



Here I am to welcome you with  Sunny Sunflowers. My three projects of today are in addition to the lovely samples done by the team for the TV show Create and Craft. 

For my made I used only Kraft cardstock, archival sepia, and charcoal pencils, the sentiment is in the rubber plate Words to Dazzle & Sparkle

I hope you liked my "brown" collection, hugs

martedì 19 aprile 2022

Spring Cards


Hi girls,  I have two fresh cards to share with you. I used the following rubber plates:  Lily, Hydrangea Tag and Essence of Nature. On a white cardstock mat I stamped the images with Archival Jet Black, colored all the flowers with Brusho. For the background of both cards, I used wet on wet and wet on dry layer washes. 

I am quite happy with the end result and hope you too. Thanks for passing by, hugs


giovedì 7 aprile 2022



Hello everyone,   Bunnies are very cute for Easter cards.  For my projects I used Glorious Spring, the perfect plate for this occasion and also Spring Foliage and Just Butterflies. Other items are  white cardstock, Archival Jet Black, watercolors and Distress Ink Pad for creating the stenciled background underneath the mat.

I wish you an April  full of sun, and Happy Easter hugs

sabato 19 marzo 2022

Double Page


Welcome back,

The explosion of colors obtained mixing Brusho watercolours is a contribution to the coming Spring. For my double page I used Archival Jet Black and the two lovely stamps Blossom and Grow and Sunny Sunflower. 

 I hope you will like my project and will try this layered wash technique. Hugs


lunedì 7 marzo 2022

Stained Glass Window


I am starting today a new Journaling and I share with you the inspiration I had watching the TV show of Chocolate Baroque on The Craft Store Channel. 

At first I stamps the poppy of Pretty Poppies rubber stamp sheet A5  using Archival Jet Black, after that I divided the page in 8 unequal parts, stamped accordingly the individual stamp On the Tiles,  marked each section with a waterproof black pen and colored the page with watercolours. I let all dry and finished the page attaching the sentiement using Words to Dazzle stamp.


Thanks for passing by,  hugs


lunedì 21 febbraio 2022




I had to get free myself as if I were caged in a frame and looked out of a window. Suddenly my thoughts turn into imagination and materialize in this project.  

I stamped "Mosaic Flower"  with Archival Ink Jet Black, and colour it with watercolors. A thick coat of white gesso borders the image on which I put some self-adhesive mesh pieces and a label I created stamping the sentiment of "Mushroom House" on white cardstock. The little spots on the flowers are done by flicking with the brush white diluted gesso 

Thanks for passing by, hugs