martedì 7 giugno 2016

Teardrop Baroque Ornament

I needed a little shoulder bag for my quick shopping  and I decided to do it with the new Teardrop stamp of Chocolate Baroque

For this project you can follow the instructions of any pattern or tutorial of a simple fabric shoulder bag  or make up bag.  

You might have :

1.    Chocolate Baroque  stamp Teardrop Baroque stamp
2.    Distress Paint
3.    Brayer
4.    Gelli Plate
5.    Cotton fabric  
6.    Quilt padding
7.    Sewing machine
8.    Scissors and thread
9.    Zip

Step by Step:

1.    Distribuite the colour with the brayer on the Gelli Plate
2.    Put the stamp on the Gelli as if it is an inkpad.                                                 
You will so lift colour from the Gelli and could stamp it on a cardstock . On this way you don’t waste colour and you can use the cardstock for a later project). Stamp on the Gelli and on the cardstock, till you are happy.
Clean immediately the stamp with warm water
3.    Put the piece of cotton fabric on the Gelli, press firmly
4.    Lift the fabric and let dry
5.    Repeat point 1-4 for all the pieces of fabric you need  for doing your project
6.    Stamp Teardrop Baroque Ornament stamp with Versafine or Archival on the front and back  piece of your bag

Assemble,  sew all the pieces as explained in your pattern and
Have fun with the new stamps and all the other products of Chocolate Baroque !


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