mercoledì 12 ottobre 2016

Table Decoration

My second post for a Halloween party will give you some ideas for decorating the table.

I started with the napkin rings

  1. Stamp the large border stamp of Dusky Damask with Versafine Onyx Black first on a sheet of paper, in order to have less colour on the rubber stamp
  2. Put a coat of Soft Relief Paste Copper on the stamp and let it dry completely for about 24 hours or more
  3. Remove the shape from the rubber stamp and trim the excess
  4. Glue the ends of the shape to form a ring
  5. Repeat points 1 to 4 for the second napkin ring
  6. Stamp the cat from the Twilight Zone stamp set with Versafine Onyx Black twice, and cut the images out 
  7. Glue one cat on each ring as decoration
Place card
  1. Cut a piece of cardstock 21cm x 6.3cm, score at 7.5cm (front) - 4.5cm - 7.5cm - 1.5cm
  2. Colour the front portion with Distress Stain Brass and Carved Pumpkin
  3. Stamp the cat from the Twilight Zone set stamp with Versafine Onyx Black
  4. Fold the cardstock at the score lines
  5. Blend Distress Inkpad Black Soot on the small 1.5cm fold (front side) with the sponge
  6. Write the name of your guest on it
  1. Use a white small pot
  2. Colour the inside and the border of the pot with acrylic black paint
  3. Repeat points 1 to 3 of the napkin ring
  4. Glue the shape on the pot
  5. Stamp with Versafine Onyx Black twice the cat from theTwilight Zone stamp set and cut the images out
  6. Stamp with Distress Inkpad Picket Fence three times a flower from the Punky Flowers stamp set and cut the images out
  7. Use the decoupage flower as a mask and cut again 3 flowers from black cardstock, as the back of the flower to cover the stick
  8. Assemble and glue the flowers on the sticks
  9. Fill the pot with raffia, put the flowers inside and the black cat on the raffia as decoration

I had fun in preparing these projects for you.

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