lunedì 2 gennaio 2017

Calendar 2017

Just few days before the New Year, do you have already the Calendar for 2017?
Here is my step by step for making a personalized one.

1. Print with Versafine Onyx Black the stamp of Floral Notes set and mask it with Masking Tissue
2. Colour the background of a Manila Tag with Distress Inkpad using green, yellow and blue shades
3. Put Crackle Paste around the stamp and let dry
4. Scribble with the brush a light coat of a mixture prepared with Soft Form Relief Paste-PearlDistress Stain blueStickles-Diamond over the Crackle Paste and let dry
5. Colour the Floral Stamp with markers
6. Create your washi tape in the right size using your Excel program, as well as your Calendar if you
    don't find them ready matching for your Tag.
7.  Glue the washi tape with Inessentials Gue n Seal matte on the Tag and sew the calendar below.
8.  Don't forget the red hook

See you in the Next Year and Happy 2017 to everybody!

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