martedì 2 ottobre 2018

Stamp as Mould

I wish you all a good morning with my first post of October.
As you can notice, my card  today has as decoration an usual border and for making it  I used the stamp as a mould.

Step by step :

1.  Apply some Distress Inkpad Vintage Photo on the stamp "Floral Edges ", this will give a random
     colour at the background
2.  Cover all the stamp with a coat of Soft Relief Paste
3.  Let dry for one or more days
4.  Peel gently from the stamp the dried coat of paste and cut around
5. Stamp on both mats that you will  glue on the card, in second and third generation here and there  
    the same stamp of "Floral Edges ", with  Distress Inkpad Vintage Photo
6. With the same colour of inkpad, stamp the sentiments of "Amazing Mackintosh Words"
7. Assemble the card as shown.  

Thanks for reading my post, happy crafting

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