lunedì 5 luglio 2021



Monday, 5 July 2021


The blue of the sea is all inside my post of today.  In the depth you can find "Mermaid Queen" , the corals and the fish of "Something Fishy". On the surface you can find the sea-gulls, the sentiment the boat and and ship rudder of "Seashell Collage". I coloured the background as well as the decoupages with Distress Ink Pad.  The ship rudder is the result of a try. I soaked in water a dry leaf, stamped on it with Archival Jet Black and cut it out.

I hope I inspired you with my page, thanks for passing by, hugs

martedì 8 giugno 2021

Limited Edition

 Good Morning,

I would like to show you how I thought to store my new ATC cards.    Step by step:

1. Cut a piece of white cardstock 18,2 x 13,5 cm and score vertically at 1,8 cm and again at 8,2 cm; horizontally at 2 cm and cut one edge corner as shown, this is the outside of the folder                                    


2. Blend brown and green Distress Ink Pad, on the outside of the folder and stamp with green Versafine the flowers of Woodland Design a Tree and fold the scored lines

3. Cut 4 small supports 1,5 cm x 2 cm, score at 0,5 cm; fold and glue them on the inside of the folder 

4. I used for the ATCs the following items : white cardstock,  Distress Ink Pad, Stencils, Embossing Paste, White Pen,  the stamps of Chocolate Baroque Woodland Design a TreeOrchard Design a Tree, Mail Art

5. Store the ATCs, close the flap and bind with a nice ribbon.

I hope you liked my post today and thanks for passing by, Hugs

sabato 15 maggio 2021

Monoprint Cover

Hello again,

I don't really like the white cover of my new note book, so I decided to personalize it making it colorful and funnier.

I considered the cover as if it were a simple sheet to use on a monoprint plate with different stencils and colors.  I used the same Distress Ink Pad colors and the same stencils  for the two toppers. On one I stamped with Archival Ink Jet black only the sentiment of Bridge House, on the other also a portion of the Italian House.  The tiny decoupage flower is a cropped part of  Floral Edges another so precise and detailed stamp of Chocolate Baroque

I hope you liked this transformation and I thank you for reading my post today.

Hugs,    Magda  

mercoledì 5 maggio 2021

Close your Eyes

 Hello all,

Who hasn't dreamt of places visited in the past and hasn't thought of returning  as soon as it will be possible again ?  I closed my eyes for a while before jumping into my inspiration of using the beautiful Turret House stamp of Chocolate Baroque. For the colored background I blended different Distress Ink Pad colors, and dabbed a darker color on a  stencil, stamped with  Archival Ink Jet Black the house and the sentiment of Turret House and applied some glitter glue to lighten up a bit.

Thanks for your visit and have a lovely May, hugs


lunedì 19 aprile 2021

Spring Time


 Hello everyone and nice to see you here again.

My page of today has a lots of layers and items :

I used several Distress Ink Pad colors, watercolors pencils, acrylic colors, white gesso, stencils, baby wipe, archival ink for stamping the Clock of "Curiosities",  Spring of "March Fairy", and Time of "Steampunkery". 

Thank you for passing by, hugs


venerdì 9 aprile 2021

Floral Notes


 Hello girls,

Music and Flowers are in  the recipe of this first post of April.

At first, looking at the stamps plates, I decided the colors to use for the Brusho-Wash background. Then I stamped Floribunda NetFlora Musica and Harlequin Bouquet  of Chocolate Baroque with Archival ink on tissue papers. After that I cut several decoupages and decided which to use and where to glue them on the page. Finally I colored very delicately some flowers with water colored pencils and spritzed very softly  with water. When all was well dry, I stamped from Music Fanfare and Floral Notes the two stamps in red.

I hope you liked this different journaling page today, Hugs


lunedì 22 marzo 2021

Spring Perfume

Good Morning,

Are you already feeling the nice warm spring air ?     

Here below I share with you my Step by Step of  "Katya is smelling the                             Perfume of the Spring Air" 

  1.  Blend on the Journaling Page a red colour of  Distress Ink Pad 
  2. Cover all with white gesso and let dry 
  3. Blend several blue colors of  Distress Ink Pad  on the gesso 
  4. Rub a baby wipe on Katya stamp to have the perfect humidity before                           stamping                                       

5.  Stamp Floral Perfumery with Versafine on a white cardstock,  

     colour the stamp with watercolors and cut the contour                                         6.  Stamp  with Archival  the words  Perfume from Floral Perfumery

     and Spring from March Fairy on a piece of scrap cardstock 

     colored with the same color of the flower of point 5                                             7. Glue the decoupage cuts on the journaling page and stamp little 

     butterflies in black around Katya,  as shown and don't forget to 

     use a nice ribbon as label holder.


I hope you had a spring inspiration from my page and  thanks for passing by, hugs


martedì 9 marzo 2021

Flutter with me


 Hello girls,

I like to see the first butterflies flutter in the mild spring air and this feeling of                    joy inspired me to create these three cards with Chocolate Baroque stamps. 

Happy Dance 

On a blue Brusho colored white cardstock I stamped Butterfly Dress and                colored it with  Pan Pastel. The little butterflies and the decoupage butterfly                       are in Just Butterflies, while you can find the sentiment in the Butterfly Perfumery.           plate. I used Distress Ink pad   for coloring the butterfly, blending through the            stencil and stamping the sentiment Happy Dance. 


Here I just played with Distress Ink pad   for the background wash, stenciling         several layering with matching and contrast colors and for coloring the butterfly.           You can find the butterfly in the big selection of Just Butterflies and the sentiment            in Butterfly Flourish Swirl


For this card I prepared several stamped script paper pieces, I cut them randomly and glue on the cardstock.   
I blended with different green and red shades of Distress Ink pad  and colored the decoupage butterfly of Just Butterflies with watercolor pencils. 
"Spring" of March Fairy was for me perfect to be used for the label 

I hope you liked my butterflies card of today, I wish you all a very nice spring, hugs

sabato 13 febbraio 2021


 Hi and welcome everyone

I have a special feeling to Daffodils and the post of today want to be a contribution and a remind page to a lovely handsome Daffodils bouquet I received years ago. 

From the wide range of Chocolate Baroque stamps, I chose Fabulous Flappers for the vase and  Spring Bird Daffodil for the bouquet.

The other items are : white gesso, Archival,  Distress Ink Pad , stencil, colour pencils

I hope you like Daffodils flower too, hugs


martedì 26 gennaio 2021



 Good morning,

sometimes it is really pleasant for me to do ATCs and Chocolate Baroque has a lot of small stamps that match perfectly for this purpose.

I used for theses 6 ATCs :

White Cardstock cut in ATC size, Distress Ink Pads,   Archival black, stencils, white and silver embossing paste, white pen, stickles,  and of course the beautiful stamps

Fantasy Castle,  May Fairy Wild Meadow and Words to Dazzle & Sparkle

Thank you for passing by, hugs

venerdì 18 dicembre 2020

Bright Cards

 Hello everyone

I want to end this December post with 3 bright flower cards as a good wish for a colorful coming year.

For each card I used white cartdstock for the mats and the decoupage in addition to the stamps of Chocolate Baroque.

Grow Positive :  Distress Ink Pad  blue, red violet and yellow shades, Archival Black Jet, Gothic     FragmentsPunky Flowers and  Blossom and Grow Stamps


Friends are only a thoughts away :  Distress Ink Pad  green and blue shades, stencils, Archival Black Jet, Scrumptious Succulents  and Amazing Mackintosh Words Stamps

Floral Notes :   Brusho wash,  Distress Ink Pad pink, violet and green shades, On the TilesPunky Flowers  and Floral notes Stamps

Thanks for reading and stay safe, hugs


martedì 17 novembre 2020

Candy Box


It's nearly time to think how to be creative for  Christmas.

I will start with this second post of November to propose you some ideas, and this time it will be a candy box and some gift tags, that you can use as tree decorations too.

Candy Box :  I cut the mats from a white cardstock, stamped with black Archival the images of Chocolate Baroque stamps "A Tomte Christmas", the top of the pointed figure of "Dusky Damask", a part of "The Christmas Garden" stamps and Joy of "Let's get Festive". I used watercolor pencils for coloring the stamps and Distress Ink Pad to darken the edges of the box. 

Gift Tags :  I stamped with black Archival the Tomte images, colored with watercolor pencils and cut the contour considering the joint for the opening of the double tag.




I hope to see you in some weeks again with another Christmas project, hugs


venerdì 6 novembre 2020

Remembrance Day


 Hello girls,

It has become a tradition for me to do a project for the 11th of November and I am on time to share it with you.

Of course there is a white gesso coat under the blended red and violet shades of Distress Ink Pad, around the yellow area.  I covered all with gesso again, stamped with black Archival the poppy of "Poppy Meadow "rubber plate and one little poppy of "Floral Notes" directly on the page. The second little poppy                                       is stamped on a tissue paper and glued with "Inkssentials Gue n Seal".  Chocolate Baroque has a lots of lovely Poppy Stamps.  I used red and green watercolours for coloring the flowers and intensify the background blending again Distress Ink Pad  blending darker red on a stencil. I finished my page by printing with the printer the lettering.   

Thank you for passing by, hugs


domenica 18 ottobre 2020

Last Minute

 Good morning,

today I like to show you 4 cards done with the same method changing colors, stencils and stamped image.

This quick last minute receipe can always help you, when needed

1. Wipe a wash colour with a white cardstock and let dry  2. Use one or more stencils passing on it a  blending tool with the same colour used at point 1 and a second contrast colour   3. Stamp in black the chosen flower  4. Colour each flower with the contrast  colour used on the background 5. Glue the mat on the card and don't forget the sentiment                                                                              

For the cards I used : 

white cardstock , Distress Ink Pads for the wash, blending tool on the stencil,  or the flower :  Sketchy Doodle Landscape, Pretty Poppies , Wild MeadowLily   for the sentiment :  Words to Dazzle & Sparkle,  Amazing Mackintosh WordsInkssentials Glue n Seal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                



Thank you for passing by and hope to meet you next month again, hugs.                                                                 Magda 

lunedì 5 ottobre 2020

Autumn Idea


Autumn is a lovely season and we can see so many beautiful colors around us.                                                 I thought to block some of them on my Journaling page of today. 

Layers of different materials as white Gesso, Distress Acrylic Paints, Distress Ink Pad, Stencil,                          are used for creating the background, on which the green leaves of Autumn Edges are dancing                    down to the ground where the red decoupage mushrooms of  Autumn Poppy is standing.                                 The sentiment of Amazing Mackintosh Words is stamped in black and cut in 3 pieces for                    softening the look of the page

I hope my post inspired you for a nice project, hugs